CCC/228 ISBN 978-92-9029-548-8

December 2013

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Increasing demand for coal in Asia is stimulating interest in the potentially large coal resources in

Southern African countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. These

countries have been slow to utilise their coal as local demand has been limited and the means to

export coal has been inadequate. The governments in these regions are now recognising coal as a

strategically important commodity, capable of earning foreign revenue but also adding value to the

economy by generating much needed electricity. This report looks in turn at the role of coal in the

energy economies of each of these countries. As in most emerging economies, the provision of a

reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity to industries and people is essential for economic

growth and the welfare of communities. Demand for Africa’s mineral commodities such as diamonds

and copper is driving a massive need for electricity and coal will play a major role. Not only does the

mining industry need power, but with these growing industries come communities and commerce

which are also in need of energy.

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