Electric utilities are heavily dependent on sensors and growing interconnectivity. Smart meters, dispersed generation, variable generation -- like wind and solar -- require real-time data streams in order to make the split-second adjustments on the grid.

Likewise in aberrant weather and other disaster scenarios, such as wildfires, uninterruptible communications are essential for utilities. How should they build communications systems that won't fail if the internet goes down, or if they are under cyberattack? How can utilities be sure that 5G won't make whatever system they decide to build obsolete?

The briefing was moderated by syndicated columnist and broadcaster Llewellyn King. Sheila Hollis, USEA Acting Executive Director, will give opening remarks.

Guest Speakers:
Morgan O'Brien, Executive Chairman, Anterix
Gil Quiniones, President & CEO, NYPA
Andres Carvallo, CEO, CMG Consulting LLG

Jeff Beattie, The Energy Daily
Peter Behr, E&E News
Ken Silverstein, Forbes