Global Energy Efficiency Workshop


The Global Energy Efficiency Workshop, sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and organized by the United States Energy Association’s (USEA) Energy Utility Partnership Program (EUPP), was conducted in Washington, D.C. March 8 to 12, 2010. The Global Energy Efficiency Workshop brought together key energy industry officials from ten developing countries and the United States to discuss the ever- growing role of energy efficiency in meeting today's energy demand and the methodologies and policies required to effectively promote energy efficiency to end users to offset energy demand, decrease the need for new generation construction and lower the global carbon footprint. The Global Energy Efficiency Workshop included four days of presentations, a session where each country presented their current renewable energy outlook, and a day of site visits to facilities within the metropolitan D.C. area that are energy efficient or promote energy efficiency to consumers.


The objective of the Global Energy Efficiency Workshop was to inform and motivate leaders in business, government, and utilities, and the public and private sectors in USAID-assisted countries to implement energy efficiency, energy conservation, and demand-side management programs in their countries. This workshop assisted the participants in understanding the role of energy efficiency, energy conservation, and demand-side management tools to meet the growing demand for energy services while meeting the ever stringent financial, environmental and reliability requirements.