Hank Price

Chief Technology Officer
Abengoa Solar

Hank is CTO for Abengoa Solar U.S. operations, whose mission is to develop utility scale solar power plants. Abengoa is a world leader in solar thermal electric (STE) power technologies. Hank's technical team was responsible for the design of Abengoa's two 250 MWe parabolic trough plants in Arizona and California and is working on Abengoa's next generation of STE plants with thermal energy storage. He also helps manage Abengoa’s worldwide solar R&D program. Prior to working for Abengoa, he was a senior systems analyst at the NREL working on STE technologies. He is known for developing NREL's Excelergy trough performance model a precursor to NREL's SAM program and his contributions to a number of systems studies on STE. He also managed the US DOE’s R&D in parabolic trough technology. Prior to NREL, he was the performance engineer for Luz Engineering Corporation during the development of the SEGS parabolic trough power plants, gaining extensive knowledge about the operations and performance of large-scale solar thermal facilities.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resource Engineering from Humboldt State University in California and a Masters of Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is a registered mechanical engineer in the state of California.