Jolene Cicci

Line Troubleshooter

Jolene Cicci began her career as a labor employee 30 years ago at the Hatfield Power Plant in Greene County. She did that for two years, before a lineman position opened up. In 1991, Cicci began a five-year training progression to become a line worker, collecting numerous certifications along the way. Now, she’s reached the highest level, as a journeyman linewoman.

Cicci has worked all over the East Coast, including Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Florida. She gets sent different places to repair storm damage. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, she spent nearly a month in New Jersey, working 16-hour shifts.

In 2003, she was sent to Richmond, Va., to assist with restoration efforts following Hurricane Isabel. She was the only linewoman there, among 4,000 linemen.

In the last few years of her career, Cicci said she plans to work to recruit more linewomen for West Penn Power, through the company’s support and networking groups for women and minorities. She said she hopes to instill in others the passion she has for line work.