Nicholas Allen

Director for International Projects
Mr. Allen is an electrification engineer, strategic planning specialist, off-grid specialist and geospatial engineer. Mr. Allen is the NRECA Director for International Projects and is currently leading the Least-Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the National Electrification Strategy (NES) project in Zambia, and the Zimbabwe Least-Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan project. He has designed and managed numerous electrification initiatives including having substantially contributed to electrification strategy projects in Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi, and has led geospatial planning teams in Liberia, Tanzania, Ghana, Dominican Republic and Ethiopia. He has been an instrumental member of the NRECA team in several other electrification investment planning projects, including the Kenya National Electrification Strategy; the Ethiopia National Electrification Strategy; the Uganda Accelerated Rural Electrification Program; the National Rural Electrification Strategy for Malawi; and numerous electrification design and implementation projects in South Sudan, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and Tanzania. Mr. Allen excels at implementation of strategic initiatives that include extensive stakeholder engagement.