Sarah Forbes

Senior Associate
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Sarah M. Forbes has been a senior associate at the World Resources Institute (WRI) since May 2008. Sarah leads the technology consortium within the climate and energy program, managing the WRI initiatives on shale gas and carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) in China. This research is aimed at developing tools and analyses that inform regulatory developments and standards, with a focus on environmental and social integrity. WRI is a non-profit environmental think-tank that works at the intersection of human and environment needs.

Sarah began working on joint US-China issues in 2008 and partnered with Tsinghua University to lead a bilateral stakeholder process which led to the publication of Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture Transport and Storage in China. This work followed the successful effort Sarah led to develop the Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage, a robust set of technical guidelines for how to responsibly proceed with safe CCS projects which have informed the global development of environmental regulations for CCS.

Prior to joining WRI, Sarah worked at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), serving in a number of capacities. Notably she led the roadmap development for the Department of Energy’s carbon sequestration research program and conducted analyses on environmental aspects of CCS, the energy-water nexus, and climate change.

Sarah applies her ecological perspective to the regulatory, political and engineering challenges associated with demonstrating and deploying new energy technologies.

Sarah lives in the West Virginia Highlands with her husband, son, and a dog named Moose.