Stephen Manydeeds

Chief of Division of Energy and Mineral Development
US-DOI, Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs

Manydeeds oversees a unique, federal office responsible for all energy and mineral activity on Indian Trust lands nationwide.

With over 40 years’ experience performing technical and economic studies of energy and mineral resources on nearly all western U.S. reservations, Manydeeds has redefined the Office’s mission to include not just assessment of resources, but development of those vast resources found on Indian lands.

His expertise in managing nation-wide programs for the development and management of mineral resources on Indian lands has proven beneficial to many tribes. He provides direct assistance to tribal offices in the negotiation of agreements and monitoring compliance with the terms of mineral agreements. He meets regularly with Tribal councils to assist them with numerous endeavors that include lease negotiations, analyzing mineral and energy resources, developing programs and budgets, setting priorities, and identifying potential renewable energy resources.

Since taking the helm in 2004 first as division chief of IEED's Division of Energy and Mineral Development, Manydeeds has provided geotechnical assistance to over 250 different Indian reservations regarding their mineral resources.

Manydeeds is a geologist and enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  Over 40 years’ experience performing geologic and economic studies of energy and mineral resources on nearly all western U.S. reservations. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin.