Steve Winberg

Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy
U.S. Department of Energy

As Assistant Secretary, Steve Winberg is responsible for the management and oversight of FE’s research and development program, encompassing coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as the Office of Petroleum Reserves.

Mr. Winberg has over 40 years of successful senior corporate management, enabling the development of coal and natural gas technologies for both production and end-use; including emission control technologies, near-zero emission technologies (including CCUS technologies), and improved efficiency power production technologies from early stages, through engineering development and demonstration, and commercial deployment. He has extensive experience working with prime users and owners of gas and coal-based power, fuel generation, and delivery technologies, including an extensive understanding of the Federal Government’s business practices and the role it plays in shaping the Nation’s energy policies.

Mr. Winberg began his career at the engineering firm Foster Wheeler as an engineer on coal-fired utility boilers. From there, he spent 14 years with Consolidated Natural Gas working in a variety of positions before becoming Vice President for CONSOL Energy Research & Development. Immediately prior to coming to DOE, Mr. Winberg served as a Senior Program Manager at Battelle Memorial Institute.