Mar 28, 2018
Washington, DC

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Hear leading experts on grid reliability speak about the challenges encountered in Europe and how the U.S. plans to deal with those challenges in its quest to integrate increasing amounts of clean--but intermittent--renewable generation into the grid.

Can Algae Do CCU?
Mar 13, 2018
Washington, DC

During Earth’s earliest days, algae and other single cell organisms launched a successful CO2 mitigation campaign that ultimately made human life possible. But are these tiny carbon fighters relevant to today’s climate conversation? Heralded by proponents, dismissed by naysayers, algae may not cure our carbon conundrum but could be a key enabler for carbon capture and use (CCU). 

Nov 20, 2017
Washington, DC

Imagine if all the things you could do to lower carbon footprint were rewarded with funds deposited into a retirement account!  Guest Speaker, Jason Makansi, President – Pearl Street will introduce the concept, describe the four broad steps required and provide simple examples of how to implement the concept.

Nov 13, 2017
Washington, DC

This summer, the Carbon Utilization Research Council (CURC) completed a study entitled “Analysis of Options to Overcome Barriers to Unilateral and Multilateral Large-Pilot Projects for Fossil Fuel Based Power Plants Equipped with CCS.”  The purpose of the report was to study innovative options for governments and industry to fund projects that test coal-based power generation and carbon capture, utilization and storage tech

Oct 18, 2017
Washington, DC

The outlook will be presented by:

Ms. Elisabeth Tørstad, CEO of DNV GL Oil & Gas

For a preview, please check out this short video presentation.

Aug 21, 2017
Washington, DC

This briefing will provide the current status of carbon capture, utilization and sequestration technology R&D in South Korea. The presentation involves CCUS related R&D budget investments (in terms of scale, allocation and portfolio), main R&D projects, and international cooperation activities. Furthermore, the implementation status of carbon capture, storage, utilization and EOR projects which are operated by institutions and electric power companies will be provided.

Aug 15, 2017
Washington, DC

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Jun 29, 2017
Washington, DC

A Global CCS Institute/USEA Co-organized Briefing 

May 23, 2017
Washington, DC

The United States is endowed with extraordinary riches: our nation holds more than a quarter of the world's coal reserves. Regrettably, this wealth is severely undervalued. Although coal has catalyzed industrial development in the 19th and early 20th century as a ready source of energy, chemicals, and materials, over the past decades its crucial role has been forgotten, and the coal became essentially synonymous with production of low-cost electricity. The path to realization of coal's true value lies in the development of new technologies.

Apr 27, 2017
Washington, DC

Greatly increased customer participation in power markets will have a significant impact on the businesses that operate in those markets.  Extensive consumer participation will require modifications to the design and operation of power markets, and these modifications will result in major changes in the businesses that participate in or support those markets.