July 30th, 2021
Never has resilience in the electric utility industry been more critical than it is right now. Extreme weather -- heatwaves, hurricanes, and arctic blasts -- and constant cyber threats are everyday occurrences. These events can interrupt power supply calamitously at any time and without a scintilla of warning.
June 25th, 2021
The United States Energy Association, in collaboration with journalist Llewellyn King, will address the impact of the megadrought in a virtual press briefing featuring a panel of industry experts who will be questioned by reporters.
June 23rd, 2021
The United States Energy Association is proud to host Coyote Clean Power (CCP), the Colorado Energy Office, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and Svante, in a discussion around carbon capture in Colorado and the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.
June 4th, 2021
The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack broadened the parameters of concern about perpetrators, from bad state actors to wanton criminals, seeking to devastate U.S. energy systems. No longer is cyber insecurity just a worry for utilities. Now all energy supplies are vulnerable.
May 14th, 2021
It is the goal of the Biden administration to shape a future electric industry that is carbon-free with abundant storage. How will this massive push be accommodated, and who will benefit?
April 14th, 2021

As the US continues on its path of decarbonization and goal of a low to zero carbon economy, one huge opportunity in this transition is the use of CCUS.

April 27th, 2021

As clean energy technology becomes the latest frontier for geoeconomic rivalry, the security of supply chains for rare earths and critical minerals—essential materials for clean energy—has become a global strategic issue. The fragility of global supply chains revealed by COVID-19 and rising competition from China have only heightened the importance of supply chain security for critical minerals.

February 26th, 2021
The Texas deep freeze was close to the sum of all fears for electric and gas utilities. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong, and Texans suffered. Clearly Texas must rethink, rebuild, and reprioritize. Everything in the state is on the table, from its electric isolation to whether it should be under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) umbrella with new interconnections to the national grid.
January 15th, 2021
There is a growing overproduction of electricity from solar and wind, but solar in particular, especially in the Southwest. Utilities are in a rush to find ways of saving this electricity and balancing their systems. Batteries and other storage systems are all on the table, along with what may have the most promise: green hydrogen. This is hydrogen made by electrolysis, using surplus electricity.