Big Data and Machine Learning for Clean Coal and Carbon Management Strategic Initiatives

This workshop will help inform strategic initiatives in the Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Coal and Carbon Management. The discussions will help identify how big data and machine learning can be better leveraged to enable advanced coal energy systems of the future, a competitive, resilient and flexible existing fleet and in developing new products and uses of coal and coal by-products to create new businesses and industries. 



Welcome from Steven Winberg, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy

Opening Remarks

  • Overview of workshop objectives, purpose, and expected outcomes
    • Jarad Daniels, DOE HQ
  • Summary of relevant work underway in R&D program
    • Randall Gentry, NETL

9:30–11:00AM Session 1: Lightning Round

Non-DOE attendees give a 4-minute introduction outlining perspectives and capabilities in big data and machine learning.

  1. Zia Abdullah, NREL
  2. Greg Augspurger, Duke Energy
  3. Debbie Bard, LBNL
  4. Lee Brenner, Global Blockchain Business Council
  5. Grant Bromhal, NETL
  6. Sydni Credle, NETL
  7. Arindam Dasgupta, Siemens
  8. Ken Daycock, GP Strategies Corporation
  9. Neva Espinoza, Electric Power Research Institute
  10. Justin Fessler, Watson Solutions Consultant, IBM
  11. Dan Goldberg, ANL
  12. George Guthrie, LANL
  13. Shuangshuang Jin, Clemson
  14. Mike Mateseuski, NETL
  15. Bruce Pint, ORNL
  16. Carlton Reeves, C3IOT
  17. Kelly Rose, NETL
  18. Christopher Sherman, LLNL
  19. Pamela Tomski, SAS
  20. Rich Vesel, ABB Plant Performance & Optimization
  21. Youzuo Lin, LANL
  22. Colin McCormick, Valence Strategic

11:15 –12:15 PM Session 2: Industry Panel

What products, processes, tools, and knowledge already exist? What is missing?


  • Richard Vesel, ABB Inc.
  • Alyssa Farrell, SAS
  • Salvatore Della Villa, SPS Inc.
  • Gregory Augspurger, Duke Energy
  • Facilitator: Geo Richards, NETL

1:00—3:30 PM Session 3: Breakout Group Discussion

Is predictive maintenance commercially available, or the subject of RD&D? Are there applications for blockchain technology that could be applied to fossil energy systems? How can DOE better leverage machine learning and big data to:


  1. enable the advanced coal energy system of the future,
    • Facilitated by Bhima Sastri, DOE and Mike Matuszewski, NETL rep
  2. realize a competitive, resilient and flexible existing fleet, and
    • Facilitated by Robie Lewis, DOE and Sydni Credle, NETL
  3. leverage new markets
    • Facilitated by John Litynski, DOE and Grant Bromhal, NETL

3:45– 4:30 PM Session 4: Recommendations/Goals

This session will include facilitators giving a read out for each breakout topic, followed by a group discussion

  • Facilitated by Sarah Forbes, DOE

4:30 – 5:00 PM Concluding Remarks from Participants

  • Facilitated by Jarad Daniels, DOE